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My path to Three.js and 10 resources to start learning it

In a previous post I talked about how I started to learn Three.js during my #100DaysOfCode challenge. Here I want to describe the whole process: what I learned, what issues I had and some resources I gathered that I wish I had when I started. I became very curious about complicated 3d animation on the web and really wanted to learn how to create those amazing effects myself. After a little digging I found out that it is best to utilize the WebGl API.

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100DaysOfCode Challenge
I survived the quarantine with 100DaysOfCode Challenge

How hard is it to code every day if you love programming and learning new technology? Turns out it is pretty hard. There is always something important or urgent to do, you are tired after work, you want to relax or you are just choosing to do something else. It’s hard to progress fast as a software developer if you don’t put in the time and actually code. I’ve been taking some time off from work and coding in general, so I needed to create this new habit to code everyday and get excited about my projects all over again.

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